The efficiency of TierraTech® ultrasonic cleaner for automotive parts is outstanding. Oils, grease and cinders are removed quickly and efficiently.

The MOTOR CLEAN range is specially designed to clean all types of components related to engines: blocks, cylinder heads, turbochargers, injectors, coolers, filters, brakes, gearboxes, etc.

This equipment covers the needs of: vehicle repair shops, truck repair shops, naval engine repairs and cogeneration, aeronautical industry, grinding repair shops and engine rebuilding works.




The daily cleaning of all kinds of parts in general repair shops becomes a complex task if you do not have the adequate cleaning means.

Ultrasonic cleaning for automotive is ideal to remove different types of dirt (grease, cinders, oils, etc.) in parts such as cylinder heads, pumps, particle filters, etc., both on the surface and areas that are hard to reach, reducing the effort and time employed by traditional systems.

In one square metre and with an energetic cost and a minimum amount of detergents, we achieve a complete washing room, releasing the operator from cleaning tasks.


In diesel injection workshops, cleanliness plays a significant role both in the quality of the final result and in the productivity.

Ultrasonic cleaning for diesel engines is ideal for these laboratories because it enables cleaning the pumps in less than 10-15 minutes without having to dismantle them.

Once dismantled, it only takes another 10 minutes to be completely sure have that all the internal conduits are perfectly clean, thus avoiding the typical problem that arises when a repair is carried out without adequate cleaning.


Regardless of the grinding to be carried out or the part to be treated, our engine block cleaning equipment with ultrasonic ensures a flawless finish and precision in the grinding industry.

It removes cinders, oils and grease efficiently, as well as the usual residue we find in cylinder heads and blocks.

The use of ultrasonic cleaning considerably reduces the time employed in cleaning, obtaining the highest quality and avoiding the use of acids, brushes and grit blasting, simplifying the cleaning process and removing the bottlenecks all rectifiers have in this part of the process.


Our ultrasonic turbo cleaner machine is the fastest and most efficient solution for turbocharger re-constructors because it removes cinders and burnt oils regardless of the complexity of the turbocharger structure.

It also allows cleaning many turbochargers in the same process, which improves quality and production times compared to traditional processes.


In these repair shops, cleaning the parts of the transmission system is a daily necessity that requires a fast and efficient system.

The Motor Clean line covers this requirement regardless of the complexity of the piece or the amount of parts to be cleaned, removing grease, oils, metallic shavings, etc. fast and efficiently without the hard-to-access parts becoming a challenge.

For industrial gearbox cleaner, trust Tierratech.


The harsh working conditions to which this type of machinery is subjected to make preventive maintenance a fundamental task to lengthen their useful life and smooth operation.

The Motor Clean ultrasonic cleaning equipment contributes to the maintenance of industrial machinery, facilitate cleaning radiators cylinder heads, engine blocks, transmissions, hydraulic systems and working tools, such as shovels or chains, thereby contributing towards a correct maintenance that favours the efficient work of heavy machinery and decreases the possibility of unexpected breakdowns.

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