• Volume(l): 8 & 16 (2000L available for production)
  • Table-top and floor standing models with electro-mechanically driven furnace hearth, pressure and vibration-free movement, vertical opening with low heat radiation to the user
  • High-quality heating elements on four sides with free heat radiation into the furnace chamber
  • Furnace insulation made of high-quality alumina material with very low thermal mass for rapid heating and cooling
  • Double-walled design with rear ventilation, extremely low outside wall temperature
  • Switching via solid state relay, or thyristors for precise, wear-free and noiseless furnace control
  • Exhaust air opening in the furnace roof


Controller with extended programming options

Batch temperature measurement and control

l • Adjustable over-temperature protection to protect furnace and load according to EN 60519-2 • Programming and data-logging software and interfaces • Start-up circuit for targeted, slow heating in the lower temperature range • Protective gas connection and furnace sealing as well as manual and automatic gas feed systems • Ceramic base plate for protection

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