• Volume(l): 8,13,`18,30,44,66
  • Power:2.5 KW,3.6KW,6KW,7KW,13KW,20KW
  • Solid & durable Robust chamber furnaces, especially designed for the rough handling during heat treatment of metals in the laboratory, pilot plant, training and workshop
  • . Double-walled design with rear ventilation, extremely low outer wall temperature
  • Durable housing with side panel and door lintel made of stainless steel and robust, painted steel frame
  • Parallel swing door, opening downwards, door can be opened to T max.
  • Door safety switch
  • Heating from 3 sides (left, right, floor)


  • Inert gas operation with manual or automatic gas feed systems
  • Cover of the side heating elements with SiC plates for protection
  • Protective gas boxes for oxidation-free heat treatment
  • Charging plates to protect the furnace floor
  • Pneumatic door drive
  • Motorized exhaust air flap for faster ventilation
  • Cooling system for accelerated cooling of furnace and charge

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