Apollo™MicroRaman Spectrometer Module

The Apollo™ Raman spectrometer modules can be combined to offer several laser wavelengths on a single instrument. Each is permanently aligned so using the system is as simple as focusing on your sample. The system can be added to any CRAIC microspectrometer for a powerful, multi-purpose analytical tool.

Combined with CRAIC Technologies LambdaFire™ software, Apollo™ Raman microspectrometers can acquire single point spectra or, with an automated stage, create 3D Raman spectral maps. LambdaFire™ controls the instrument while offering many data analysis capabilities. This includes optional searchable libraries to aid in spectral identification.


Apollo  Raman Features

  • 405, 473, 488, 532, 638, 660, 785, 830nm lasers
  • Multiple lasers can be combined on single instrument
  • Permanently aligned for ease of use
  • Single point and Raman spectral mapping
  • Can be added to CRAIC microspectrometers
  • Can be added to many microscopes

APOLLO RAMAN Specifications:

Excitation Source

Wavelength (nm) 405*, 473*, 488*, 532*, 638, 660, 785, 830
Bandwidth < 0.02 nm
Output Power 50-100 mW


Spectral Range 120 to 3000 cm-1**
Spectral Resolution 6 cm-1
Sampling Area (20x) 14 um


Type TE cooled CCD
Integration Time 8 ms to 10 minute
A/D Resolution 16 bit
Dynamic Range 25000


Interface USB 2.0
Input power 110-220 VAC



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