Unitron Instrumentation Technology Pvt. Ltd. has partnered with some of the most prestigious equipments manufacturers in the world market today. With our strong association, we are able to bring the best and World Class Technology at your door steps to help you in your research, production and quality control, with our high quality and committed customer support, you can count on us, we are committed.


It takes a tremendous amount of skills to build a reputation as an innovator among industries, that exactly what Ascott has accomplished since its inception decades ago.

Ascott is a leading innovative manufacturer of corrosion testing equipment, every chamber is built using advanced engineering principles to stringent international standards, both Cyclic Corrosion Test (CCT) Chambers and Salt Spray Corrosion Test (SST) Chambers are one of the world’s most sophisticated, modern and versatile corrosion test systems available – with the design and quality that is in a class of its own.

Unitron is your exclusive source for Ascott in India.

Presi SAS – France

More than 50 years of experience in controlling the process of development, manufacturing, distribution of our machines and machines in the field of metallography.
PRESI is 50 years of experience in the field of metallography:
– Control of development processes, manufacturing, distribution.
– Research and development center in order to have a more and more specific technicality.
The quality of PRESI’s services is identifiable from the design stage.

Emco Test GmbH – Austria

Emcotest manufacture Rockwell,Micro & Macro Vickers, Brinell, Universal hardness tester and portable hardness testers for wide applications.

“We don’t make simply everything for hardness testing, but we do make everything in hardness testing simple.”

Akasel A/S – Denmark

Akasel offers a comprehensive program of consumables for metallographic sample preparation.  Many of their products have unique properties not found anywhere else.  The consumables from Akasel are one of the best in the world market.

Akasel products comprises of Grinding discs, Grinding papers, Polishing discs, Polishing diamond suspensions, Hot Mounting powders, Cold Mounting liquids and Coolants.

TRIBOTRON AG, – Switzerland.

Tribotron is a technology leader in Hand abrasion tester. Its a privately held corporation dedicated to innovative methods for material and surface characterization. This includes determination of material properties like abrasion, hardness, e-modulus, scratch resistance & roughness.


Thermconcept develops, designs and manufactures furnaces and systems for a broad range of production,laboratory and research applications . Our highly qualified development engineers and designers, hardware and software professionals, technicians and mechanics develop cost-effective and reliable furnace solutions

Furnaces and industrial heat treatment systems from THERMCONCEPT stand for:
TOP quality, practical and service-friendly designs, customer-specific and application-oriented solutions, maximum heat efficiency and economy, environmentally friendly materials and professional service.

S M Metrology Systems – Italy.

SM’s is a industrial metrology solution provider in designing and manufacturing highly technological instruments for the characterization of surfaces, by analysing the micro-geometries that generate roughness and the macro-characteristics that determine pieces’ sizes and profiles.

We have been manufacturing roughness testers, profilometers, roundness testers and metrological instruments with a single objective, measuring your pieces as quickly and accurately as possible.


Hildebrand for over 15 years has built a reputation as manufacturers of Hardness Testers for Rubber and Plastics. Their innovative design has earned a reputation with an unfailing commitment to customers satisfaction with uncompromising dedication to quality, precision and accuracy they stand ahead of all the competition.

Hildebrand has pioneered in manufacturing Micro & Macro IRHD Systems, Shore A, AO, B, C, D, DO Durometers, Calibration devices, Rubber test blocks and range of accessories.

Craic Technologies Inc. – USA

CRAIC Technologies, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of UV-visible-NIR microscopes, Raman microspectrometers and UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometers used for non-destructive spectral analysis and imaging of microscopic sampling areas.

TESTONE Co., Ltd. – South Korea.

TESTONE is a ISO 9001 certified company having more than 20 years’ experience in  specialized test equipment manufacturing such as UTM, Testing for motor vehicle parts , Testing for sunlight, Environmental Chamber etc.We have supply history with customers like Hyundai,Samsung,LG,TUV etc.

Tierra Tech S. L. – Spain

TierraTech has been designing, manufacturing and commercializing ultrasonic cleaning equipments for 20 years. We supply and provide technical support in more than 40 countries through a highly qualified and experienced distribution network.

We provide ultrasonic cleaning solutions to Automotive industries, Industrial applications and laboratory research.

Our Quality Management System was certified by TÜV Rheinland according to UNE EN ISO 9001:2008 and renewed in 2018 according to ISO 9001:2015 with register number 0.04.09057.

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