Micro Spectrophotometers

2030XL PRO™ Microspectrometer-Large Samples

The 2030XL PRO™ microspectrophotometer is designed to  acquire spectra, images, and film thickness measurements of microscopic features of large scale samples.  “XL” stands for “extra large” and these are the types of samples for which this instrument was built.

The 2030XL PRO™ microspectrophotometer allows you to measure UV-visible-NIR range transmission, absorbance, reflectance, emission and photoluminescent microspectra™ of features smaller than a micron across.  Yet, depending upon the instrument configuration, the size of the sample can essentially be unlimited.  Now you can map color variations within pixels of the biggest flat panel displays, measure film thickness of 300 mm wafers with ease or measure the fluorescence of the largest artworks.


  • Microspot analysis of large scale samples
  • Spectral Range: 200 to 2500 nm
  • UV-visible-NIR transmission microspectroscopy
  • UV-visible-NIR transmission imaging
  • UV-visible-NIR reflectance microspectroscopy
  • UV-visible-NIR reflectance imaging
  • UV-visible-NIR fluorescence microspectroscopy
  • UV-visible-NIR fluorescence micro-imaging
  • Raman microspectroscopy
  • UV-visible-NIR photoluminescence microspectroscopy
  • UV-visible-NIR photoluminescence imaging
  • Polarization microspectroscopy in the UV, visible and NIR regions
  • Polarization microscale imaging in the UV, visible and NIR regions
  • Thin film thickness measurements
  • Colorimetry of microscopic samples
  • Manual or fully automated operation
  • Featuring Lightblades™ technology
  • Scorpii™ Advanced Illumination system
  • Integrated TE cooled array detectors available for low noise and long term stability
  • Precision temperature control of samples
  • Calibrated, variable measurement areas even smaller than a micron
  • Superior images both with eyepieces and digital imaging
  • Featured with Lambdafire™ spectroscopy and imaging control and analysis software.
  • Specialized software modules including statistical analysis, spectra mapping, spectral databasing, image analysis and more

508 PV  M i c r o s c o p e Spectrophotometer

The 508 PV™ microscope spectrophotometer can easily be added to an existing microscope, probe station or even be used to upgrade an older microspectrophotometer. Depending upon the microscope configuration, you will then be able to take absorbance, transmittance, reflectance, polarization and even fluo- rescence microspectra™ of samples smaller than a micron. With CRAIC Technologies™ Universal Microscope Adapters, the 508 PV™ can be added to just about any microscope.

508 PV Specifications:


Spectrophotometer Range

200-900 nm

350-1000 nm

900-1700 nm

900-2100 nm

Fluorescence Excitation 365 to 546 nm
Laser Illumination Available
Sampling Area Variable from 1 to 10000 microns2
Spectral Resolution User selectable from 1 to 15 nm
Detectors CCD and InGaAs Arrays
Detector Cooling Available
Scan Time (Full Range) 4 millisecond minimum
High Resolution Color Imaging Included
Image Resolution Up to 5 Megapixels
Programmable Stage with Mapping Available
Operating System  Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8

Apollo™MicroRaman Spectrometer Module

The Apollo™ Raman spectrometer modules can be combined to offer several laser wavelengths on a single instrument. Each is permanently aligned so using the system is as simple as focusing on your sample. The system can be added to any CRAIC microspectrometer for a powerful, multi-purpose analytical tool.

Combined with CRAIC Technologies LambdaFire™ software, Apollo™ Raman microspectrometers can acquire single point spectra or, with an automated stage, create 3D Raman spectral maps. LambdaFire™ controls the instrument while offering many data analysis capabilities. This includes optional searchable libraries to aid in spectral identification.

Apollo  Raman Features

  • 405, 473, 488, 532, 638, 660, 785, 830nm lasers
  • Multiple lasers can be combined on single instrument
  • Permanently aligned for ease of use
  • Single point and Raman spectral mapping
  • Can be added to CRAIC microspectrometers
  • Can be added to many microscopes

APOLLO RAMAN Specifications:

Excitation Source

Wavelength (nm) 405*, 473*, 488*, 532*, 638, 660, 785, 830
Bandwidth < 0.02 nm
Output Power 50-100 mW


Spectral Range 120 to 3000 cm-1**
Spectral Resolution 6 cm-1
Sampling Area (20x) 14 um


Type TE cooled CCD
Integration Time 8 ms to 10 minute
A/D Resolution 16 bit
Dynamic Range 25000


Interface USB 2.0
Input power 110-220 VAC

 CoalPro II™ – Optical Petrography System

 The CRAIC CoalPro II™ system was designed to measure vitrinite reflectance accurately, rapidly, and nondestructively. The system combines research quality petrographic microscopes with Lightblades™ technology and a software package written specifically for petrographic analysis. The CRAIC CoalPro II™ system makes measurements per the ISO 7404-5 and ASTM D2798 standard test methods and presents the results in an in- dustry standard format including histograms. The system can even be automated with the inclusion of a programmable stages and point counting.

CoalPro II Features:

  • Easy, quick and accurate vitrinite reflectance
  • Automatic calibration and optimization
  • Automated or manual measurements
  • ISO 7404 & ASTM D2798 industry standard reports including histograms
  • Polarization imaging and microspectroscopy
  • Can measure vitrinite reflectance of even sub-micron samples

Lambdafire™ – Microspectrometer Software/ Reference Standards

 Key Features

  • Microspectrophotometer Control and Data Analysis in one easy-to-use package
  • Microspectrophotometer automation control and programming
  • Data analysis features included with instrument control
  • Imaging control and analysis
  • Perfect for research as well as production with many features specific to both
  • Many plug-in modules available such as Spectral Surface Mapping™thin-film thicknesscolorimetry and more
  • Lambdafire™ is a native 64-bit application
  • Runs under Windows 10®
  • Easy to use
  • From the experts in microspectroscopy

CRAIC Spectral Surface Mapping

CRAIC Color Pro

CRAIC TimePro Kinetic Spectroscopy

CRAIC Film Pro

Wavelength & Photometric Standard (NIST)/Reflectance/Vitrinite Reflectance Standards

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