Metallography Sample Preparation Equipments


Mecatome T205-Precision manual micro-cutting machine. powerful brushless engine which allows it to work at a constant torque over the entire speed range of 100 to 4000 RPM. The cover, automatically locks as soon as the motor is switched on, and unlocks only when the cutting disc has completely stopped 

  • Sample diameter: up to 40 mm
  • Rotation Speed : 100-4000 RPM
  • Cutting Method: Manual or by gravity
  • Cut off wheel: 75 to 200 mm
  • X axis travel : Lateral movement of the arm – Travel distance 100mm
  • Motor Power: 960W
  • Control interface: 4.3″ TFT color touch screen, 16/9


Mecatome T210 is powerful and precise micro-machine designed for sectioning medium sized samples
from a wide variety of materials. The optional X axis drive gives the possibility of carrying out multiple
series sections.

Sample diameter: up to 55 mm
Rotation Speed : 300-6000 RPM
Cutting Method: Auto,Assisted,Programmable,Pulse Mode
Cut off wheel: 75 to 203 mm
Feed rate: 0.01 to 3mm/s
Motor Power: 2700 W
Memory: up to 100 Programs
Optional: X axis (serial Cutting ) & Laser


MECAPRESS 3 is fully automated hot mounting press with rapid cycle option which eliminating the risk of blistering and edges shrinkage are guaranteed .Mecapress offers superior hardness and greater control over the diameter of the mount layer .It has all the features expected in a high precision machine with adjustment of all mounting parameters.memorisation & programmability with Color tactile touch screen.

Machine Features:

  • Mould diameter: 4,mm,30mm,31.7mm,38.1mm,40mm,50mm
  • Temperature adjustable: 100°C to  200°C (Step of 1°C)
  • Heating time adjustable: 0 to 1800 sec (step of 1 sec)
  • Cooling time adjustable:     0 to 1800 sec (step of 1 sec)
  • Memory: More than 100 process

Accessories & Consumables:

  • Intermediate rams: 25.4,30mm,31.7mm,38.1mm,40mm & 50mm
  • Mouldset: 25.4,30mm,31.7mm,38.1mm,40mm & 50mm
  • Epoxy – Hard Materials, edge observation ,surface deposits, coatings Hardness : 96 Shore D
  • Phenolic–  Soft to medium hard materials   Hardness :90 Shore D
  • Conductive Phenolic– SEM applications or electrolytic polishing Hardness: 90 Shore D
  • Glass Fiber Allylic– Observation of sample edges Hardness: 93 Shore D
  • Acrylic– Transparent mount Hardness : 88 Shore D


POLY’VAC  vacuum mounting system provides for improved resin impregnation of porous materials and for improved removal of trapped air bubbles in the resin mount. The device is programmable and controlled through a touch screen with options for setting cycle time (timer from one minute to several hours) and various levels of vacuum. It includes a resin dispenser.


  • Vacuum level is fully controlled and programmable allowing user defined degassing and impregnation cycles to be set.
  • Poly’Vac provides the vacuum pump, casting chamber, turntable and resin cup older in a single compact unit.
  • Innovation in cold mounting: provides optimal degassing of the resin and penetration of porous or friable samples for improved stability

Machine Features:

  • Mould diameter: 20,25,25.4,,30,31.7,38.1,40 & 50mm
  • Vacuum level : Up to 90 Kpa

Accessories & Consumables:

  • Spring Clips & Multi color clips-set of 100
  • Mounting Mould- TEFLON,Rubber Silicone, Polyethylene (Re usable detachable base)
  • Transparent Resins-Epoxy,acrylic,polyester
  • Opaque Resins- Acrylic
  • Dissoluble Resin- KM BACK
  • Fast Polymerization- IP FAST
  • Mount release agent


MECATECH range allows both manual and automatic use. Thanks to a motor power from 750W to 1500W, the entire PRESI experience is condensed in this most complete range on the market. Whatever the size or the number of samples, MECATECH guarantees an optimal polishing with polishing  platen diameter from Ø 200-Ø300mm.


Machine Features:

  • Disc Rotation Speed:  20 to 700 RPM
  • Motor Power: 1100W to 1500W
  • Polishing Head Speed: 20 to 150 RPM
  • Polishing Head Motor Power: 180W-270W

  • Mecatech 250 SPI–  200 to 250 mm disc – 4 pistons- Individual pressure
  • Mecatech 250 SPC– 200 to 250mm disc- 6 pistons – Individual & central pressure
  • Mecatech 300 SPC- 250 to 300mm disc- 6 pistons- Individual & central pressure
  • Mecatech 300 SPS– 250 t0 300mm disc- 8 pistons- Individual & central pressure, Sweeping function

Mecaplan 350

Automatic Stone Grinding Machine

MECAPLAN 350 is an automatic stone grinding machine that allows rapid and extensive removal of material while preserving the integrity of the samples. Powerful, fast and spacious, it optimizes the polishing processes with a considerable saving of time and saving use of consumables. Designed for intensive use, this machine is particularly suitable for laboratories or workshops that perform many tests and deal with large samples.


Vibration polishing is an ultra-soft technique suitable for the super-finishing stages and particularly for the samples to be analysed in EBSD (Electron Backscatter Diffraction) or AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy). This polishing method makes it possible to save inclusions and to eliminate surface hardening.

Special Features:

  • Real time variation of polishing amplitude
  • Real time variation of polishing frequency
  • Possibility to create different polishing methods up to 6 programs
  • Polishing progress displayed via a countdown and a bar graph
  • Transparent wood, USB connectivity & External Evacuation

Technical Specifications:

  • Sample holder: 25-50mm
  • Polishing bowl : 308 mm
  • Maximum Sample polishing : up to 21 simultaneous
  • Vibration Frequency : 80 to 110 Hz
  • Rotation direction: clockwise


  • Resinoid cut-off wheels , diamond and CBN cut-off wheels

Hot & Cold Mounting:

Hot Mounting

PRESI offers a wide range of phenolic, epoxy, acrylic or allylic hot-mounting resins. Extremely hard, with very low shrink and acid-resistant, hot mounting resins largely eliminate blistering and guarantee edges shrinkage when polishing.

Cold Mounting

Epoxy resins are composed of two liquid components: the resin and its hardener.
Acrylic resins are composed of two parts: powder and liquid. Easy to use, these resins polymerise quickly and have reduced shrinkage

Polishing Consumables:

  • Sic paper,diamond grinding disc, polishing cloth & Poly & Mono diamond suspension & lubricant

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