MACRO IRHD SYSTEM provides hardness readings on elastomers and plastics with a specimen thicker than 6 mm according to IRHD and Durometer hardness. It complies to international standards DIN ISO 48, ISO 48, ASTM D 1415 and DIN 53505.  The patented IRHD N, H, L Durometer Hardness System is working fully automatically with a PC and the Hildebrand Software.

Available inserts for IRHD ( N,H,L):

  • Ball 2,5 mm (IRHD N)     Material Thickness 8-10 mm     Range: 30-85 IRHD N
  • Ball 5,0 mm (IRHD L)     Material Thickness 10-15 mm    Range: 10-35 IRHD L
  • Ball 1,0 mm (IRHD H)     Material Thickness 8-10 mm      Range: 85-100 IRHD H
  • Insert Durometer A


  • X table
  • Prism Centre Device
  • Macro IRHD test Blocks

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