Our laboratory ultrasonic cleaner is used to remove traces of chemical products, oils, etc. Specially indicated for instruments and glass, plastic or metal laboratory material. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is used in laboratories to remove traces of chemical products, oils, pigments or prints, among other residues.

We remove dirt from complex parts with cracks, hard accesses or joints without damaging them. They save time and effort of the manual cleaning. In addition to cleaning, it can also be used to degas solvents and to disperse solid samples.



Ultrasonic cleaning is used in clinics and dentist practices to remove organic remains, such as blood and saliva, from the instruments and devices before being sterilised. It is also very efficient with inorganic remains, such as dental cement and dental-grade plaster used in the preparation of moulds.

Dentists also recommend it being used with dentures at home for it being so easy to use compared to products that require soaking and manually scrubbing the dentures.


Are you looking for an electronic cleaning machine? Ultrasounds are very
efficient in treating electronic components such as
resistances, condenserstransistors, reels, diodes, fuses, etc.

Given the cleaning precision and the small size, this is the most efficient solution, saving time and cleaning the entire circuit, reaching even the smallest parts.


Ultrasonic jewellery cleaner for a swift, careful and in-depth cleaning of necklaces, broocheswatchescoins and other valuable parts.

Ultrasounds get to the most hard-to-reach areas where cloths, brushes or other conventional cleaning means simply cannot. They are used both in the manufacturing process and in the use and subsequent fixing of the jewellery.



Our optical ultrasonic cleaner is perfect to clean instruments in opticians and laboratories, because it thoroughly cleans glasses and removes accumulated dirt and traces of grease coming from the skin, which accumulate on the lenses and frames.

Given the precision and size of these parts and their delicate nature, ultrasonic cleaning is very efficient compared to manual cleaning with cloths or towels. They are used both in the manufacturing process and in the use and subsequent fixing of glasses.



Medical cleaning machines for in-depth cleaning of surgical and medical instruments used in surgery, ophthalmology and veterinary uses. It removes organic or inorganic traces from the instruments as a prior step to a subsequent efficient disinfection and sterilisation.

The result is much better than manual cleaning, even with gloves, because it increases exposure of the instruments to the fluids. It also reduces the possibility of injuries with contaminated sharp items.

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