R250 roundness tester was conceived from the need to characterise pieces with circular and even complex geometries with utmost accuracy, and it is the ideal instrument to satisfy multiple measurement needs in the mechanical, motor, aerospace and machine manufacturing industries.

Bigger Models: R300,R500


Roundness, linearity, cylindricity, conicity, cone shape, concentricity, parallelism, coaxiality, run out, total run out, thickness variation

Axis of C plate Axis of Z column Axis of R arm Pick-up


  • Plate diameter: 250mm
  • Max load: 500N
  • Max Measured dia:500mm
  • Centering & leveling: ± 3mm — ± 2°


  • Transverse length: 300mm
  • Measurement speed:
  • 0.5-1-2mm/s
  • Positioning speed:0-15mm/s
  •  Linearity Error on 400mm :0.8 micron


  • Transverse length: 300mm
  • Motorised positioning:Internal/external
  • 20-150mN
  • Positioning speed:0-15mm/s


  • Transverse length: 300mm
  • Motorized positioning:Internal/external20-150mN
  • Positioning speed:0-15mm/s

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