Design: Ascott KH300 is a floor standing chamber which is fully automatic and features an electronic gas dosing system which can easily selected from pre-set SO2 (0.2L, 1L or 2L) injections on the HMI.

When combined with our usual features such as automatic air purge and pneumatically controlled canopy.All plastic construction giving a high quality, durable and corrosion resistant finish. Various type of removable load support racks available to enable a large number of samples to be either placed onto the racks or suspended beneath. Titanium immersion heater for maintenance free durability.

Nominal Capacity:300 Litres / 10.6cu.ft

SO2/Humidity mode:

Chamber Temperature range: Adjustable from ambient to +50°C/122°F

Humidity range; Fixed at 95-100% RH


  • Touch Screen Full Colour Controller
  • Condensation Humidity Testing Capability
  • Digital Set & Display of Temperature
  • Temperature Graphical Display Facility
  • Automatic Air Purge Facility with Canopy Interlock
  • Timed Test Stop Facility
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Interior Viewing Window
  • Slotted sample racks
  • Installation Kit
  • Ethernet Communications Port

Standard Compliance: ASTM D2247, BS3900/F9, DIN 50017 KK & KTW, ISO 11503, ISO 6270-2 CH, ISO 3231, NFT 30-077, EN ISO 6988, DIN 50018, NFT 30-055, SFW 2,0,S, VDA 621-421, ASTM G87, ISO EN 1096 B, ISO EN 1096 C


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