SonoDur 3- All in one Portable Hardness Tester

The non-destructive UCI test method (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) as well as the Leeb test method enable fast and mobile measurement as a supplement to the classical hardness test. SONO series, the devices can also be used in difficult test positions and with complex component geometries in incoming goods inspection, mix-up testing, production control, quality assurance, weld seam testing, cut edge testing, maintenance according to DIN 50159 and ASTM A1038.

Applications: surface hardness ,weld seam testing, cast iron,cast aluminium, induction heating,case hardening,tools,plasma nitriding,forged componens,Complex components, Incoming material inspections, production control, Quality assurance, thermally cut edges etc

Test Loads:

Handheld Probes: 10N (1 kgf), 30N (3kgf), 49N (5kgf), 98N (10kgf)

Motor Probe:         1N (0.1 kgf), 3N (0.3kgf) and 8.6 N (0.9 kgf)


 Vickers:  HV 10 – 1999 (9999), Brinell HB 76 – 618, Rockwell HRA 60,7 – 85,6,Rockwell HRB 41 – 105,Rockwell HRC 20,3 – 68, Rockwell HRE 70 – 108,5, Rockwell HR45N 19,9 – 75,4

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