CorroFlex-Flexible size Corrosion Test Chambers

CorroFlex corrosion test chambers offer the user flexibility in specifying the perfect size of chamber to suit their application. The width and depth dimensions are variable and can be selected in 0.5m increments.These chambers all feature the convenience of a front loading door, which fully opens and closes at the push of a button, giving unimpeded access to the chamber interior.

CorroFlex chambers are available in Two Models: CFS & CFX

CFS: Salt Spray chambers and can perform single temperature, continuous salt spray tests in accordance with international standards such as: ASTM B117, ISO 9227, JIS Z 2371 and many more.

CFX: cyclic corrosion chambers and can be programmed to create any of 4 distinct climates: salt spray, controlled humidity, air drying and condensation humidity. These climates can be programmed to occur in any sequence for any period of time and repeat automatically

1m Deep systems:

Capacity : 1600L,2200L,2700L,3300L,3800L,4400L

1.5m Deep Systems:

Capacity: 2400L,3200L,4000L,4800L,5600L,6400L

Key features to all models:

  • Front loading system for ease of loading large/ heavy test samples in a wide range of shapes and sizes
  • . High strength GRP panel front door available in 9 standard colors with windows for viewing samples during testing
  • . Pneumatically operated door for ease of opening and closing (door slides up to close and down to open).
  • Interior illumination fitted as standard.
  • High load capacity mesh racking supplied as standard.
  • Large external, portable salt solution tank with wheels, for ease of access to a water source, and an integral drain system for ease of cleaning
  • . Exterior shell is fully resistant to corrosion.

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