POLY’VAC  vacuum mounting system provides for improved resin impregnation of porous materials and for improved removal of trapped air bubbles in the resin mount. The device is programmable and controlled through a touch screen with options for setting cycle time (timer from one minute to several hours) and various levels of vacuum. It includes a resin dispenser.


  • Vacuum level is fully controlled and programmable allowing user defined degassing and impregnation cycles to be set.
  • Poly’Vac provides the vacuum pump, casting chamber, turntable and resin cup older in a single compact unit.
  • Innovation in cold mounting: provides optimal degassing of the resin and penetration of porous or friable samples for improved stability

Machine Features:

  • Mould diameter: 20,25,25.4,,30,31.7,38.1,40 & 50mm
  • Vacuum level : Up to 90 Kpa

Accessories & Consumables:

  • Spring Clips & Multi color clips-set of 100
  • Mounting Mould- TEFLON,Rubber Silicone, Polyethylene (Re usable detachable base)
  • Transparent Resins-Epoxy,acrylic,polyester
  • Opaque Resins- Acrylic
  • Dissoluble Resin- KM BACK
  • Fast Polymerization- IP FAST
  • Mount release agent

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