MECAPRESS 3 is fully automated hot mounting press with rapid cycle option which eliminating the risk of blistering and edges shrinkage are guaranteed .Mecapress offers superior hardness and greater control over the diameter of the mount layer .It has all the features expected in a high precision machine with adjustment of all mounting parameters.memorisation & programmability with Color tactile touch screen.

Machine Features:

  • Mould diameter: 4,mm,30mm,31.7mm,38.1mm,40mm,50mm
  • Temperature adjustable: 100°C to  200°C (Step of 1°C)
  • Heating time adjustable: 0 to 1800 sec (step of 1 sec)
  • Cooling time adjustable:     0 to 1800 sec (step of 1 sec)
  • Memory: More than 100 process
Hot Mounting Press

Accessories & Consumables:

  • Intermediate rams: 25.4,30mm,31.7mm,38.1mm,40mm & 50mm
  • Mouldset: 25.4,30mm,31.7mm,38.1mm,40mm & 50mm
  • Epoxy – Hard Materials, edge observation ,surface deposits, coatings Hardness : 96 Shore D
  • Phenolic–  Soft to medium hard materials   Hardness :90 Shore D
  • Conductive Phenolic– SEM applications or electrolytic polishing Hardness: 90 Shore D
  • Glass Fiber Allylic– Observation of sample edges Hardness: 93 Shore D
  • Acrylic– Transparent mount Hardness : 88 Shore D

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