The latest generation of Atmosfär chamber, includes the most comprehensive specification, multiple test standard compliance, accuracy and repeatability of test results.  These test are cyclic in nature and comprise of exposure under controlled and varying conditions of temperature and humidity, with intermittent spraying of salt solution directly on the sample under test, from a high level swaying spray bar.

There are two sizes of Atmosfär chamber each offered with various choices of refrigeration system and the choice of air cooled or water cooled sub-zero units.

Automatic accelerated atmospheric corrosion testing:

  • SCANIA: STD 4319
  • VOLVO: STD 1027, STD 1375, VCS 1027, 149 (ACT-1), VCS 1027, 1449 (ACT-2), STD 423-0014, STD 4233
  • USA: ASTM D1748
  • Europe: ISO 16701
  • FORD: 00-L-467
  • Germany: VDA 233-102, VDA 621-415,
  • General Motors: GMW14872
  • JAPAN Automotive: CCT-1,CCT-2 and many other CCT standards.

Capacity:  1300L & 2600L

  • AT 1300iP/Lite- Minimum controlled temperature (20°C/68°F)
  • AT1300iP/1- Minimum controlled temperature (- 20°C/- 4°F)
  • AT1300iP/2- Minimum controlled temperature (- 40°C/- 40°F)
  • AT 2600iP/Lite- Minimum controlled temperature (20°C/68°F)/
  • AT2600iP/1- Minimum controlled temperature (- 20°C/- 4°F)
  • AT2600iP/2- Minimum controlled temperature (- 40°C/- 40°F)


  • 1300L- Internal WxDxH (mm) : 1300 x980 x1500      External : 2025 x1316  x1965
  • 2600L- Internal WxDxH (mm) : 2160 x980  x1500     External : 2885 x1316  x1965

Atmosfar patented & Unique features:

  • Patented oscillating spray bar with magnetically coupled drive system, for compliance with most demanding automotive test standards.
  • Integrated air conditioning unit, to achieve demanding temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Psychrometric humidity control module, for more exacting control of humidity , especially at levels around 95% RH

Optional Accessories:

  • ACC 01- Renault Test Kit
  • ACC 29 -Air Temperature conditioning unit for -20° / -40° Temperature (water cooled & air cooled)
  • ACC 30- Salt Spray (Vertically down)
  • ACC 32- Water fog Humidity (for High humidity conditions)
  • ACC 34-Liquid Immersion test facility (for Salt dipping / wetting facility)
  • ACC 42-Wall Wash facility
  • ACC 112-Dehumidifier
  • ACC 86-Multi-solution Salt Spray

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