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Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

The Micro Hardness Testers from Qness GmbH are highly innovative in design, amazingly accurate, modern looks and yet so easy and user friendly.

The Micros are loaded with latest features like motorized head movement, 6-position turret, large test area, dynamic height adjustment, all as standard features.

The Micro Hardness Testers from Qness GmbH comes in many variants derived from following models:

  • Model Q10 – Load Range 50 gm – 10 kgf (Optional 1 gm – 10 kgf)
  • Model Q30 – Load Range 50 gm – 30 kgf (Optional 1 gm – 30 kgf)
  • Model Q60 – Load Range 0.25 gm –62.5 kgf (Optional 0.25gm – 62.5 kgf)

Both Q10 & Q30 are supplied in 3 variants each like Q10M, Q10A and Q10A+, similarly in Q30 range.

Q10M & Q30M   –  Basic models with 100 mm dia test anvil and 12” touch screen display.

Q10A & Q30A    –  Advanced models with 150 x 150mm x-y motorized stage and PC controlled Qpix
                            software for multi functions.

Q10A+ & Q30A+ - Top-end models with 150 x 150mm x-y motorized stage, sample image camera
                            and PC controlled !pix software for multi function’s and additional features.