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The T50 Tribometer is designed for loads from 100mN to 60N. All NanoveaTribometers are equipped with a solid coated 20mm steel plate attached to the main rotating shaft supported by high quality bearings for maximum stiffness, smooth rotation and longevity of use.  A state of the art motor equipped with a 20bit internal speed and a 16bit external position (>0.006°) encoder provides an unmatched range of rotational speeds from 0.01 to 5000rpm.  Friction is directly measured independently using an accurate load cell that is easy and quick to calibrate. All Nanovea load cells are compensated in temperature which ensures accuracy when the high temperature oven is used.  All NanoveaTribometers are designed and equipped with an integrated heat sink part of the main shaft.  This allows cooling using only air when the high temperature module is used.  Block on ring is an additional configuration to the standard Rotative module.  Nano Wear and friction option is also available at Nanovea for loads down in the micron range.


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