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ST400 Profilometer | Standard


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With 150mm X-Y stages and an adjustable height clearance of up to 200mm, the ST400 is ideal for a wide range of samples with varied geometries. With the optical video zoom or optical microscope, high magnification microscopy work can be done in combination with measuring roughness and other properties at precisely selected locations. An AFM integration expands the 3D capabilities into the sub nanometer range including laterally which is not attainable with any other optical technique. The advanced software makes it easy to select zones on the video to be scanned automatically by Profilometer or by the AFM. Quality control options are available to automate various aspects of testing including image pattern recognition, database communications, macros for automatic testing and analysis recipes. Chromatic Confocal line sensors are also available on this system to allow speed of up to 200 times faster than the single point sensor. Custom ST400’s are available for more open configurations that allow for larger X-Y stages, 360° rotational stages and many other custom configurations.
• Spacious & Open Platform • AFM & Microscopy Integration • High Sample Clearance • Customizable Options
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The Chromatic Confocal technique uses a white light source (LED) that passes through a series of lenses, called an optical pen, which has a high degree of chromatic aberration. The refractive index of the lenses will vary the focal distance of each wavelength of the white light. In effect, each separate wavelength of the white light will focus at a different distance from the optical pen, creating the measurement range. When a surface of interest is within the measurement range a single wavelength of the white light will be in focus while all others will be out of focus. The white light is then reflected back through the optical pen, then through a pin hole filter that allows only the focused wavelength to pass through to a CCD spectrometer. The CCD will indicate the wavelength in focus, which corresponds to a specific distance for a single point. The physical wavelength measured uses no algorithms providing the highest accuracy independent of form, roughness level, illumination and measurement speed. There is no special levelling procedure required. And while others make claims of resolutions Nanovea provides high accuracy.
• Physical Wavelength Measured + No Algorithms Needed for Results = Higher Accuracy
• Level of accuracy independent of form, roughness level, illumination and measurement speed
• No special levelling procedure required
• Most claim very high resolutions. Nanovea provides high accuracy.

Chromatic Confocal by design ensures the highest accuracy of all optical techniques. Specifically when measuring surfaces that are geometrically complex (randomly rough surfaces). Other techniques are subject to many error sources that are simultaneously present and it is not possible to remove or compensate for them or even to estimate their combined influences. The Profilometer offer high accuracy across the widest range of materials and surfaces conditions including tissues, biomaterials, polymers, plastics, metals, composites and ceramics. As an additional measurement signal to the height data, the technique also provides reflection intensity which can be used for highlighting features not seen by height variations.  It can also be used to quantitatively measure variation of surface reflectivity.