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Automatic Brinell / Rockwell Hardness Testing Plant


Model Qradial Fully Automatic Hardness Testing plant was developed especially for very large and heavy samples in association with “Wiesser GmbH” who are pioneer in automation solutions.  The automatic hardness testing plant provides standardized Brinell and Rockwell methods according to EN ISO and ASTM.

Qradial employs fully automatic test point preparation with milling surface to desired depth.  It performs a fully automatic hardness testing cycle on large samples.

Special features:


  • Fully automatic testing cycle
  • Fully automatic test point preparation
  • Fully automatic image analysis with brightness adjustment
  • Well defined control console with advances Qpix T12 software
  • Data management and report generation includes statistic functions like bar graph, progression, histograms etc.


Technical Data:

Test load range                                60 – 3000 kg
Test method according                  HBW 5/750, HBW 10/3000, HRC
Max. test width                                1100 mm
Test height / path                            1600 / 800 mm
Throat depth                                     650 mm
Data interface                                  2 USB, 1 RS 232, 1 RJ 45 ethernet