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Portable Hardness Tester

The new SonoDur series Portable Hardness Tester from NewSonic GmbH is a robust, simple, fast and precise tester which uses UCI (Ultrasonic contract Impendence) technology.  The indentation produced by the Vickers diamond are displayed instantly and with a good precision.  All indentation can be done by handheld probe or by mounting on a stand, the hardness is calculated when the defined test load is reached.  The UCI based hardness testing is standardized according to ASTM A 1038, DIN 50159-1/2 and also described in VD1/VDE guidelines 2616 Part 1.

The indentation probes comes in various test load (force) range from 1N – 100N and can be selected depending upon the material and testing requirements.

The Hardness Testers has large touch screen colour graphic display with data storage of 2 GB and all important information are available at one touch.  The results can be converted into other scales according to ASTM, EN ISO and DIN norms.  All data and results can also be transferred to a PC via USB, Bluetooth or WLAN.

The NewSonic Portable Hardness Testers made in Germany are one of the best in its class and well ahead of other brands in the market in terms and technology accuracy and reliability.

For demo, please get in touch with our Sales Department.