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The PB1000 allows up to two modules on a single system providing the widest load and most accurate testing capabilities available. Equipped with automated 200mm x 150mm XY motorized tables and a 50mm Z motorized table. A gas-spring slide allows adjusting of the height clearance to up to a total of 140mm for varying sample sizes. This base can also accommodate the heating oven and the cooling/humidity chamber for environmental control testing. In addition to the full video zoom, an AFM and an Optical Profiler are optional. The Platform is the ideal option for diverse and expanding measurement needs. Nano to micro range with no need to exchange, spacious platform with adjustable height clearance, fully upgradeable, robust and low cost of ownership.

• Nano to Macro Range with no need to exchange • Spacious Platform with Adjustable Height Clearance • Fully Upgradeable • Robust and Low Cost of Ownership

BASE                                                                            PB1000
Maximum # of Modules; 2Nano & Micro
X&Y Motorized Stages 200 x 150 mm
XY Lateral Accuracy 0.25µm
Z Motorized Approach (range); 50mm (+140 mm manual extra slide)
Base type Desktop or Stand- Alone
Desktop Dimensions; 62 x 62 x82 cm
Stand-Alone Dimensions 92 x 92 x 183 cm
Zoom Video Microscope 1600 x 1200 Camera
3D Optical Profiler Optional
AFM Optional
High Speed Fretting Wear  Custom up to 40 Hz



Nanoindentation Nano Wear Testing Microindentation Microindentation Microindentation
Nanoindentation     Nano Scratch             Nano Wear Friction Microindentation Micro Scratch Micro Wear Friction