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CB500 | Affordability

The CB500 allows a single module, either the nano or micro, each with the full range of testing modes including hardness, scratch and wear. Nowhere else can you find this wide use with a single module and at competitive compact price. It is equipped with automated 50mm x 100mm X-Y stages, a 50mm Z stage and a video zoom microscope. A CB500 version with manual X-Y table offers full indentation capabilities at the most affordable price. All CB500 bases can also accommodate the heating oven and the cooling/humidity control chamber for environmental control testing. It is the ideal solution for quality control and research applications with focus in one broad load range. Compact & modern design, broad application use, robust with low cost of ownership and a highly competitive price. See News Feature

•Compact & Modern Design • Broad Application Use • Robust with Low Cost of Ownership • Highly Competitive Price & Financing Option Now Available

BASE                                                                      CB500
Maximum # of Modules 1Nano or Micro
X&Y Motorized Stages 100 x 50mm
XY Lateral Accuracy   1µm
Z Motorized Approach (range) 25mm
Base type Desktop
Desktop Dimensions   38 x 33 x70 cm
Stand-Alone Dimensions  NIA
Zoom Video Microscope  1600 x 1200 Camera
3D Optical Profile N/A
High Speed Fretting Wear N/A


Nanoindentation Nano Wear Testing Microindentation Microindentation Microindentation
Nanoindentation     Nano Scratch             Nano Wear Friction Microindentation Micro Scratch Micro Wear Friction