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Automatic Hardness Tester


Fully Automatic Universal Hardness Testers

The new generation of Universal Hardness Testers from Qness GmbH are very advance in design and yet very simple to use.  All the Models are packed with latest technology and innovative features which allows you to work in Vickers, Brinell or Rockwell scales built in single machine.  The standard range starts with Standalone Models.

  • Model Q250 – Load Range 0.5 – 250 kgf
  • Model Q750 – Load Range 3 – 750 kgf
  • Model Q3000 – Load Range 10 – 3000 kgf


(All above models comes either with a single indenter, single objective or 6-position turret for mounting 3 indenters and 3 objectives).

All the Hardness Testers complies to international test standards like:

ASTM E-384, DIN EN ISO 6507 (Vickers)
ASTM E-10, DIN EN ISO 6506 (Brinell)
ASTM E-18 DIN EN ISO 6508 (Rockwell)

The Hardness Testers also has conversion of other standards like ASTM E-140, DIN EN ISO 18265 and DIN EN ISO 50150.



     Ring Light                                             12” Touch Screen Display                          Report Generation